Friday, October 28, 2011

Are You Feeling the Cardinal Love...

Are you feeling some love for the St. Louis Cardinals...?

I know there's an awful lot of Texas bloggers out there who are cheering on their Rangers.  I love you girls too, but...

as most of you know, I'm a St. Louis gal.

Even after having lived in KC for 20 years...just can't find the love for the Royals.  Sorry.

I couldn't stay up for last night's game...I went to bed hoping FB would bring me the good did.

Here's to Game 7 and wrapping up this World Series with a win!!!

Oh...and this amazing guy graduated from the same high school as my public school friends and siblings...

Stole this off my girlfriend's facebook frame: The captions says:  FREESE FRAME!  Cute!

I know there's a lot of tired folks out there this morning! TGIF!!!


  1. I can feel the love! Although, I am a padre fan at heart. I grew up in Southern CA. Where my best friends family took me with them to watch the Padre's play all season. Great memories.

  2. Val- My family and I are SO with you!!!!! I, too, went to bed early last night and I have to admit, I did not expect to find out this morning that the Cards had won but now we are all so excited!!!!
    BTW- I went to Eureka but actually lived closer to Lafayette, so that does make it even cooler! :)

  3. What an exciting game!! My husband came up(I was in bed) and told me about it!! When I went up to bed, it had been tied and then Texas scored a homerun and 2 points. I thought it was over.

  4. We are visiting STL now. My hubby is from here but not a Cardinal fan. I think my family enjoyed the game the most because of the outcome. They could all pick on J and the kids. My silly kiddos follow dad's lead. We actually are wearing Ranger hats (by we I mean they). We have been picked on everywhere we visit. I only hope they are kid at the zoo, today. If not my kids and hubby are asking for it.

  5. Very brave, Shannon...very brave indeed!

    I was actually thinking about you yesterday...wondering about your kiddos. Most of them are native Texans...

    Isn't that kiddos are native Kansans...Jayhawkers. ugh! :)

    Funny how God places us exactly where we are needed in life...just sometimes not the life we'd choose! :)


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