Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roll Out the Barrel...We'll Have a Barrel of Fun (Birthday Party)

...or a barrel of monkeys!

I decided to do a "Sock Monkey" theme for Luke's 1st Birthday Party.

Nothing over the top or too extravagant...just a cute little monkey-themed party including cake and decorations.

We've had a long and tiring weekend...but the fun still goes on.

Mary and I were gifted tickets to Kansas City's Starlight Amphitheater for TONIGHT!.  We are off to see Cinderella.  A sweet surprise from her soccer coach, Coach Sean.  I need to go and help my girl primp and curl for the ball!

But before I sign off...a big thank you to all friends who have dropped by to send birthday wishes to our littlest boy! Thank you so much for thinking of us and leaving your comments.  I promise to drop by tomorrow to thank you, personally.

Expecting more guests than those that arrived...I ordered extra cupcakes.  They came with cute Curious George monkey rings.

How cute is this smash cake?  I had no idea they were going to make Luke this monkey face cake...and for free!

A few extra treats for all the cousins.  I also sent home "Barrels of Monkeys" with each family.

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