Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now That's a Blog Banner! that a header or what?!!! It's a bit bigger than I realized it would be when I purchased the kit from the wonderfully talented, Shabby Miss Jenn.

I like it though! Much better than blogger's SIMPLE template header. It was driving me nuts, but until recently I just didn't have the time to tinker with it. (I love using Blogger's new template designer, but I haven't had any time to learn about CSS.) Truth be known, I really still don't have the time, but I had to fix that header!

And isn't that such a lovely photo of St. Therese? (Blogger is NOT liking my cut and paste accent document) *sigh*

In addition to the blog banner kit, I also bought the scrapbooking kit because I loved all of the different elements. In the future I'd like to try and create a header that has pictures of my three little ones who inspire me daily to be a better mother and practice all of Her Little Ways, but for now, I thought that a picture of the Saint whose life has inspired such a change in me would more than suffice.

Oh, and my house soooo doesn't look like a haven! That's what happens when Mommy is on the blog too much! :) Hope to get it under control and share with you our family room. The transformation has continued and I think it's my new most favorite room in our house!


  1. It turned out amazing!! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Dixie Mom! Hope you are doing well!!!

  3. Looking good--you have been a busy one!!!

    Have a great Thursday! 58 degrees tomorrow!!!! Yea!!!!


  4. Amen! It's a beautiful header! I am sure those 3 little angels keep you running in circles. It won;t be too much longer and Luke will be running around too!

  5. it's beautiful Val!! not too big at all.

    Anne Marie

  6. Oh WOW!! This is SO pretty! Your Blog is lovely!


  7. Your blog header is beautiful! It is so nice to see someone not afraid to share her religious beliefs, and show them proudly. Bravo to you!


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