Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Thunder Rolled...

Storms rolled in this morning. 

Unseasonably warm temperatures gave way to a cold front producing pea-sized hail.

The little ones found it fascinating, and after the rain stopped we went out to explore.

Although it is officially still Winter here on the Plains, we can get some incredibly strong storms during the Fall and Spring months. 

View from out front porch as the hail rains down.

View of our back porch.  The hail was coming in sideways!
Picture with lid from the birdseed container that blew off during the storm.
Same view...minus the birdseed lid.
Mary playing in the "hail".
An incredible amount of hail rained down in only a few minutes. If filled up the gutters and poured out into a "puddle?"
Temperatures have dropped significantly...about 30 degrees since yesterday.  Brrrr!  The hail has not melted away and instead looks like leftover piles of melted snow. 

A cold rain is coming down and there is a gloominess outside that can't seem to be shaken.  I suppose it has something to do with the yellow-green of the lawn and the barren trees.  Looking forward to Spring's arrival tomorrow and warmer days ahead!


  1. Wow--We didn't get any hail here.
    Just rain, thunder, and lighting.

    Happy Spring to all.


  2. That's so bizarre! That little pile of hail coming from the downspout! Have fun playing!

  3. Hi Valerie! It looks like you really got hit with some serious hail! It looks like white KIX, the cereal!
    I hope your gloominess lifts soon, we had the first day of sunshine here in weeks. YEAH! Bring on Spring!

  4. I hope it didn't ruin any of your bulbs coming up Val....

    hail is so weird to me!!

  5. WOW! That is a lot of hail! Hope yall didn't have any damage.
    Hugs and Love, My friend!!


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