Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Little Daisy...Scout!

I'm so excited to announce that Mary Catherine has officially become a Daisy Scout! (I loved being a Brownie/Girl Scout.) Our troop is a combined kindergarten/1st grade troop as there are not enough girls at either grade level to warrant separate troops. Oh, and did I mention that I am co-leader of her troop?

Yesterday the little ones and I trucked up to the elementary school at afternoon dismissal. Ben managed to find some other siblings to play with and Luke slept like an angel during the entire meeting.

Our troop of seven girls (4 kindergartners and 3 first graders) started the meeting with the Girl Scout Promise. We worked on a craft activity that involved basic supplies of paper and markers/crayons/colored pencils, and did a couple of ice breaker/name game activities. We also played a cute cooperation game with a hoola hoop. All things horsey seems to be the rage in K/1 so we are going to definitely plan some type of outing to a horse farm/barn/stable, etc.

Jamie, my co-leader and I divided up responsibilities. I think that I am taking on crafts and service projects; Jamie is managing registration forms, money, uniforms, etc; and fortunately another mom volunteered to do Girl Scout Cookie sales...bless her because those cookie sales are a lot of work. I am also planning on being the troop photographer...even if it isn't an "official" position. You might have noticed that I only included two pictures of Mary. I didn't feel comfortable posting my other pictures on the internet since they included so many faces of the other girls and this is my personal family blog.

Looking forward to sharing with you all of the fun things our little Daisy experiences over the course of this school year.

And, after a long week of ballet and soccer lessons, Daisy scouts and religious education, we are ready to start the weekend! We are fortunate to begin our celebratory weekend tonight as Mary Catherine and Benjamin do not have school tomorrow (Friday is report card prep). We are also excited that the Daddy returns home tomorrow after being gone for TWO FULL WEEKS at the National Fire Academy. Boy have we missed Daddy!

For dinner tonight...Taco Soup and Apple Nachos for dessert. Recipes posted tomorrow!


  1. Yea,Daddy is coming home--how exciting for all.
    Good luck to you on your new "adventure" with the Daisy Scouts! I was a Bluebird and a Brownie in my day.
    Happy weekend to you.
    See you soon.


  2. Daisy Scouts are so much fun for little girls. I remember my sisters participating in them and brownies!


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