Thursday, October 21, 2010

And we're off... Oklahoma that is. Oklahoma City, specifically. And no, not to be a part of "Ghouls on Parade." Gross. (Although that activity did manage to alter my cousin's wedding reception plans for Saturday night...can you even imagine?!!!)

We have been so very busy around our house and I have so many fun things to post about, but just can't seem to slow down long enough to find the time. Hoping next week proves to be slower paced!

And maybe I'll be able to do a blog or two from OKC!

Wishing everyone a great weekend,

P.S. My first-born had her first Parent/Teacher Conference yesterday. Actually, I should say, I had my first PARENT/Teacher conference yesterday. It was a weird feeling being on the opposite side of the table, that's for sure! She is doing all teacher-kiddos do! :)

Pumpkin Patch 2010.  I just love the giant silos in the background!


  1. Good for your little lady! Have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Glad to hear Mary is doing well.
    Have fun in OKC--Ken's sisiter and fam live there.
    The Pumpkin patch looks like fun!

    See you soon.


  3. hoping you enjoyed your travels.

    Wow, it was fun to catch up on your blog. It sure is darling these days :)

    The kids are adorable.

    Take care!


  4. Valerie, i love your new blog layout and name. St. Therese is a dear patron saint to me! and my blog is named after her too!! so fun to meet other devotees of St. Therese.

  5. What a sweet photo!

    Thanks for the Apple Nacho recipe. I'm going to make it for my Halloween get together.

    Deanna :D


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