Monday, July 19, 2010

TEN Days and Counting!

Getting so very excited to deliver and welcome the newest member of our family!  Ten days to go until the big delivery date of July 29th. 

Growth scan this afternoon was great…baby is practicing his breathing skills…heart rate is strong….good fluid level…etc.  Measured and weighed in around 7 lbs 6 oz…about the 65th percentile.

Because little man’s growth has been so consistent, and we continue to see no soft tissue markers for Down Syndrome, my obstetrician really does think the early blood work was a fluke.  I guess we’ll know on delivery day, but I will say that until this week, I haven’t given the situation much thought.  We’re just so eager to meet this little guy!

Nursery is complete…baby items like bassinets, pack-n-play, swing, bouncer seat, etc. have all been washed, set up, and provided with new sets of batteries.  Mary and Ben have been doing lots of role playing with baby dolls and the “new” baby equipment around the house.  LOVE IT!

These past two weeks involved swim lessons every morning for Mary and Ben.  They took Level 1 together.  Mary passed…finally!  It was her 3rd attempt and I could tell she had so much more confidence this summer as opposed to last summer.  Benjamin screamed and cried the first day, but some ice cream bar bribery from the Dollar General store in town seemed to do the trick.  He still has many skills to master before moving on to Level 2, but at least he got over his fear of putting his face in the water.  That alone was worth the money!

Thanks to all those that have dropped by and left kind messages.  I know that I need to visit a  couple of you tomorrow and respond in kind to your awards and messages. 


On the last day of swim lessons, the kiddos enjoy a “party” that involves using the super duper “big” slide and going off the diving board.  I wasn’t sure little man would be up for this, but after putting on a life jacket and watching all the other kiddos participate, he decided to try it out for himself!





  1. Oh I can't wait to meet the little guy! I am so eager! You just don't know! Know I am praying for yall!
    Hugs and Love,

  2. Only ten days!! I´m looking forward to see the little guy :-)

    Great that Your children learns how to swim. Over here we all learned that in school if we didn´t already knew how to. But they wanted to save money and nowdyas they don´t learn that. You can guess the result of that decision. So now they are discussing to start learning how to swim in school again.

    Take care now!!

  3. excited for you! Can't wait to meet the little guy, via blog! :)

    Praying for a healthy delivery, mama and baby!


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