Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairy Floss


Tonight was opening night of De Soto Days, our one-stoplight town’s annual carnival and festival complete with food vendors, craft booths, and of course, a midway.

It is on the midway that one can nosh on corndogs, popcorn, Hawaiian ice, and fairy floss.

Fairy floss?

Yup, that spun sugar confection also known as cotton candy.  It  was introduced to the public as fairy floss at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair and it wasn’t until 1920 that the name officially changed to cotton candy.

Whether you call it fairy floss, cotton candy or “old women’s hair” (as they do in Greece, India and Israel), its spun sugar sweetness is hard to resist! 

Personally, I think “fairy floss” is the ideal name of a treat for this little blue-eyed blond who has pixie-like hair and features!!!


Little man went for popcorn.


As you can see…it’s been raining.  Not that a few showers are going to stop this mama from taking her kids to carnival!




Future jet fighter…IMG_4379

Tea cup craziness!


When I was a kid, I soooo wanted to  join a carnival or circus.  I thought it would be the most fantastic lifestyle…grow my hair freakishly long, see exotic places, travel year round, have my own “place”…


…not so much if you consider De Soto, Kansas “exotic” and a home on wheels luxurious living!

Wishing you all a great start to your weekend! 

AND…THREE weeks from today we get to meet our little man.  I got the sweetest 3D pics of his face at my OB appt. yesterday and hope to get them scanned and posted sometime soon.


  1. Your kids are so cute. Can't wait to see your new one. I know you're getting anxious.

  2. Hey Valerie!! How are you?? After my computer crashed I lost your e-mail! anyhow, wanted to stop in and say hi....looks like you are doing great..
    and I too think the carnival life has it's mystique, but I'm glad I chose the married/farm life!!!
    the kids look sooo big!

    have a great weekend Valerie.
    Anne Marie

  3. I love little carnivals. I never heard of fairy floss but a very catchy name, it is! yes, your daughter sure looks like TinkerBell -- even her hair do is like Tink's!! I'm sure you are counting down the minutes until you meet your new addition. can't wait to mee him -- AND hear his name!~!

  4. Oh I remember those days when I was little and a carnival came to town.
    The yummies are good too.

    Looking forward to the new little one!

    We finally got an up close picture of our new Great niece and she is a cutie, I must say.

    Talk to you soon!!!


  5. I have the most wonderful memories of going to fairs as a child. They were always so magical. The rides the food and the games were always the best part. I never wanted to see the competitive displays.
    You must be getting so so excited for the little one's arrival! I can't wait!

  6. I'm know you are busy preparing for Baby! But, I gave you an award today. Stop on by when time permits.

  7. It sounds and looks like the kids had a great time.

    You got ultrasound pics. Oh yes please do share if and when you can. I can't believe your so close :)

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