Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A "Poopy" Start to Vacation 2010

Just popping in to say hello! We are on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While I wish we could say we are having a wonderful time, it's been anything but! You won't even believe the mini crisises that we've experienced. Things are turning around though, and I think that we might be able to salvage these last few beach days.

I have gotten some cute beach pics and can't wait to post those when we get home. (I might even download them to my husband's laptop...which is what I'm using.)

The first leg of our trip involved a stop in Huntsville, AL where we stayed with some new friends. They had a barbeque in our honor and we had a blast getting to know all of their neighbors and friends. Chris already knew several of them from attendance at the National Fire Academy over the past few years. Their hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Our first full day at the condo in Myrtle Beach involved Chris and I taking shifts with a very sick Benjamin. We think the culprit was food poisoning and I am sharing a link that I discovered while doing some research on this issue. I will probably be contacting both Kraft Foods and the FDA with regard to our Capri Sun disaster. And for the record....Mary was very sick too, but no vomiting was involved. UGH!!! I really can't prove that Capri Sun(s) were the culprit, but that is the only thing that both kiddos drank in the car on the drive from Kansas City to Myrtle Beach and Chris and I did not drink any and are fine. Benjamin started getting sick in the hotels along the way and it culminated once we arrived at our condo. It was ugly...literally and figuratively.

I think I'm once again a fan of preservatives. That and H2O!!!

If you are a parent and buy these juice pouches for your kiddos..beware! Our drink pouches were not punctured or damaged in any way, but I'm still suspicious. How can a juice pouch be good until 2011 if it doesn't contain preservatives? Hmmmm...


I apologize for the lack of photos and anchors in this post. I've been using Windows Live Writer for so long now that I've forgotten how to link in Blogger and have been spoiled!

Wishing you all a great week! We are off to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Aquarium museum on the strip in Myrtle Beach. Mary is beyond excited!!!


  1. Try to have fun! Be sure no one will ever forget this vacation. So if anything you are creating funny stories that will be told around the Thanksgiving table for years to come!

  2. Oh stomach issues are the worst! I hope everyone is feeling much better soon, and you can enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

  3. that story you linked about the capri sun juice box drinks is so unfortunate. hope your kiddos recover. enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  4. I´m sorry that the start of Your vacation was so bad! I do hope it´ll turn now so the rest is ok!
    Have a great time now and take care!

  5. Sorry to hear your kids have been sick. I hope you can enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

  6. oh no, so sorry the kiddos got sick!

    How neat to meet new friends :)

    My good friend's hubby has been going to the NFA for quite a few years...now that is an adventure

    Take care!

  7. You poor thing. Poor little ones too! They have more resilience though I am sure,so it's better they took the hit than you and the baby! Hope you are having lots of fun on your vacation!

  8. Hey, Valerie. Hope everyone is well and that you are enjoying your vacation.

    I finally broke down and got an EOS Rebel. Got the T1i and have taken a photo course to learn more about it. I love it already.


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