Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Man in the Red Suit

At Mary's classroom Christmas party, Santa made an appearance. Since Benjamin would be in attendance at the party, I began prepping him for Santa's visit. I had a sneaky suspicion that he wouldn't be too excited about seeing the man in the Red Suit. I was right. The minute he heard, "ho, ho, ho" Ben made a beeline for Mommy's leg. He didn't let go of me until Santa departed for another classroom.

Mary, in the meantime, had a completely different reaction. Mary is our creative child. She mainly gets excited about art, dance, music, etc. Nothing else matters much. She could have cared less that Santa was in the room; afterall, she was still COLORING. She was asked three times by her teacher to put her crayons and holiday worksheet away! Mommy finally had to intervene and TELL her to put her crayons away and join the other students who were surrounding Santa and taking turns sitting on his lap.

Once we got Mary in line, she was fine, but boy was she mad about the crayons. When it was Mary's turn to tell Santa what she wanted, she had quite the laundry list going! I kept giving her preschool teacher the "cut" signal, but she just kept letting Mary talk. I finally caught Santa's eye and we were able to end Mary's verbal litany of requested toys!!! If she even gets half of what she wants she'll be sittin' pretty! Ben had absolutely nothing to do with "ho ho". Wouldn't even sit on his lap with sissy! Oh well, maybe next year.

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