Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ear Tube Surgery, Take 2

So our little man had to endure a second ear tube surgery (bilateral myringotomy or BMT). He was such a trooper!

Ben's first BMT surgery was done in April of 2008 after an extremely long winter (Fall/Winter of '07 and Spring of '08) with chronic ear infections. It seemed that the minute he finished a round of antibiotics, he was quick to pick up another viral or bacterial infection that led to the ear infections. That surgery was relatively simple and first. Ben had a great Spring and Summer with no ear infections. Of course, it was also warm out and he was home for the summer because school was out.

Unfortunately, our good luck ran out in late September, early October. Even though Ben was home with Mommy this fall, he still managed to pick up several infections; probably from sister who is now in preschool. In October, he developed a severe ear infection that he just could not get over. The infection was so bad that it caused his body to reject and push out his ear tube that was in for less than 5-months! After several WEEKS of follow-up visits, rounds of antibiotic ear drops, and the last resort-oral antibiotic, it was decided that Ben was a good candidate for a second set of ear tubes.

This time, however, the surgery would be a bit more complicated requiring not just a 2nd set of ear tubes, but removal of his adnoids as well. Ben's ENT seemed to think that since he did not respond well to ear tube surgery alone, he would have more success if they removed his adnoids which just seem to harbor bacteria.

As I said, Benjamin was such a trooper. He endured full intubation for this surgery which took about 30 minutes longer than the first. He didn't cry, (even though Mommy had to hold back tears) when the operating room nurse took him from my arms to go to surgery. Post-op was bit rougher; lots of tears, the refusal to drink, and the inability to calm himself down. The hospital finally just sent us home as he seemed to be more agitated by the nursing staff than the surgery itself!

Luckily, Mimi came from St. Louis to help out with the recovery. Benjamin was so excited to see her; even in his discomfort he was crying for her on the drive home. He had a great weekend getting lots of one-on-one with Mimi! Thanks, MOM!

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