Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip

This year, Mary was introduced to her first "Black Friday"; a rite of passage that every young girl should experience with her mother! After dressing up in our "shopping finest", Mary and Mommy headed out to Oak Park Mall at about 9:30 AM. Our first obstacle to overcome was finding a parking space-sheesh, I thought this economy was in a recession! Several obstacles to follow included standing in incredibly long lines at every store we purchased from.

We were successful in getting a good start on our Christmas shopping. Mary picked out adorable stuffed lambs (yes, "Mary had a little lamb") along with some antibacterial hand sanitizer for her preschool teachers and we got cousin Alister a reallllly cool gift (can't give it away, yet!). We also got both great-grandmother's little gifts.

After all of the standing, we were ready for some lunch. Since this was Mary's first serious holiday shopping experience, we celebrated at the very over-priced Rainforest Cafe. While dining, we sat next to a cute family with two kids. Several times, I thought I heard the father call his daughter "Mary". I finally asked him if I was hearing him correctly (it is very loud-elephants trumpeting, gorrillas screaming) and I was. Both Mary's at the tables were 4-years old! It was so sweet. You just don't meet many 4-year olds named Mary!

Finally, we returned home with tired legs and feet. After a quick snack of leftover pie, it was naps all-around. (Benjamin had quite an enjoyable day spent shopping with Daddy including eating at his favorite restaurant, McNahNoos (McDonalds).)

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