Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

It is hard to believe that our sweet baby boy was born two years ago today! Benjamin is our "bonus baby". After years of infertility and a miraculous in vitro baby ( big sister Mary Catherine), Benjamin's conception took us by surprise. But oh what a gift he is! Here are 24 things we love about Benjamin (in no particular order):
1. Beautiful blue eyes. 2. Natural curls in the back of that white blonde hair! 3. Night time kisses for your "stinky toes". 4. Bedtime ritual of "kiss-kiss". 5. Your sense of humor-you love to make Mommy and Daddy laugh. 6. Watching you drive your "car" around the wrap-around porch. You fill the "trunk" with Mommy's clay flower pots, sippy cups, binkies, etc. 7. Your pockets filled with "treasures." 8. Little boy blue jeans! 9. Watching you chase after big sister. 10. Listening to you call "sissy" as you try to track her down! 11. Your love of taking baths (thank goodness). 12. Your sweet little voice-we love to hear you using words and are so proud of the progress you made over the summer after receiving speech services! 13. Watching you sign "more" at the same time as speaking the word. It is so sweet when you sign "more" that Mommy can't deny "more" cookies, candy, juice, etc.! 14. Your love for your binkies, especially when going night-night. Everyone keeps telling Mommy that you need to wean off of them, but you look so sweet sleeping with one in the hand and one in the mouth! 15. Cuddling with you and your multiple blankies. 16. You are all boy like sissy is all girl! 17. Your appetite. From your terrific nursing skills to your love of table food starting at about 9-months old, you have always been a terrific eater! 18. Your "whoo-whoo" sound any time we pass a fire station or see a fire truck. 19. Recent love of reading, especially books about trucks or farm animals. 20. Watching you build "tall towers" out of blocks or legos. 21. Seeing your face light up when you receive a balloon. 22. How willing you are to go to bed, telling everyone "bye" and dragging blankie up the stairs behind you-is this kid for real? I guess when you play hard you rest hard! 23. Your love of McNahNoos (aka McDonalds) and how you start screaming whenever you see yellow arches from your carseat window. 24. Your love of balls-basketballs, soccer balls, superballs, etc.

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