Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Hello! /Luke is 10 Years Old

Rain is pounding on the windowpanes as I type up this post.  David Nevue Radio is on Pandora (The Kindness of Strangers).   A Yankee Candle (Sicilian Lemon) is burning in the kitchen while an angel food birthday cake bakes in the oven.  (One of our Catholic family birthday traditions.) 

Today we have begun to celebrate Luke Alexander!  TEN years old!!!  

A bittersweet celebration as he is the first of my trio to have a birthday since Dad’s passing.  There’s no way to fix this or make it right, but we sure are trying with our week long celebration of our littlest guy.  

So much has happened since I last posted...many many good things...including a new house!  

We feel truly blessed!  I still have my job, my children are healthy as is our extended family, and we have been welcomed into our new community with much love. 

Can’t wait to share more about our new home, but today is all about Luke.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  And while Dad is loving being in a heaven with Jesus, I’m certain he wishes he could’ve spent more time down here with you.  Someday we will see him again, and the two of you will be reunited in God’s loving embrace. 

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  1. Kids just grow too fast!
    Looks like he had a great birthday!

    M : )


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