Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sneak Peek of my New ESL Office

In Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS), ESL teachers "push in" to regular education classrooms to service students rather than "pulling out".  Thus, I have a lovely "office" space to decorate and make my own, but no classroom.

When I got the keys to my office on Monday, I had quite the mess to clean up.  Boxes and boxes of English language games, manipulatives, listening devices, etc. awaited me.  I took my time and thoroughly went through each and every box.  I scrubbed and washed every bookshelf, filing cabinet, and desk drawer.  

I have slowly begun to make this space pretty, especially since it really doesn't need to be child-friendly.  It's really just my own place to land between classroom visits.  I still have a lot to do, but here is a peek at my new space...

I'm still working on bulletin boards, adding an area rug, and putting up wall decor, but it is starting to beautifully come together. 


  1. Love the girly stuff! Hope all is going well.
    and that you will be able to use those goodies
    I gave you.
    Tomorrow is the big day----kids arrive on the doorstep.

    M : )

    1. Those goodies are in my newly organized filing cabinet, plus a couple of classrooms with first year teachers! Hope your first day went smoothly!


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