Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Shots (Gulf Shores, AL)

We returned late last night from our 12-day summer vacation! 

It was a wonderful trip spent seeing dear friends along the way, touring American naval history museums, and spending quality (and quantity!) family time together on the beach. 

 Here are just a few shots I took of our three kiddos the morning we departed... 

Looking forward to sharing more pictures of our annual summer vacation, tomorrow. 

As for now, I'm off to bed. 

It's been a long day catching up on laundry, wrangling an uncooperative ALMOST-2-year old for birthday pictures, and getting acclimated to the horrible 105 degree weather that we were fortunate to get a respite from while vacationing down at the Gulf of Mexico!


  1. I was so delighted you found my blog. I have really taken to sewing and home Decor. Seems like a great outlet these days.

    Great pictures of your sweet children. Looking forward to hearing more about your 12 day vacation.

  2. Beautiful pictures. So glad you guys had a great vacation. PS the kids are looking like triplets! Strong genes there :)

  3. Oh wow, these are so nice, love the colors!!!! I'm glad you all had a wonderful time away, it sounds refreshing!!! Isn't is amazing that folks have to travel SOUTH for cooler temps?!
    Will be hoping for cooler temps for y'all and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your vacation!!!

  4. I love the photos on the beach of your babies!! looks like they got some good sun! welcome home. thanks for your prayers for Jack.

  5. What gorgeous pictures and children! Great for Christmas cards!


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