Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our "Little Mermaid"

Okay, so I've got a princess theme going on here...can you blame me?!!!

The last week of June and this first week of July found us at the pool each morning for Mary Catherine's swimming lessons. This was a bitter pill for little brother to swallow, as siblings not enrolled in lessons, are not allowed in the pool. While this policy completely makes sense to my rational adult brain, the two-year old was having a hard time processing this "absurd" rule (in his little mind)!




Resting after such a courageous jump!

"I did it, Mom...I jumped off the low dive!"

She really does love Ariel AKA The Little Mermaid the best of all the princesses!

"The Beast" The little ones are only allowed to go down this slide during swimming lessons; otherwise, there's a height requirement.

Another accomplishment!

Waiting for the others to finish.

Mary with her swim instructor, Miss Sara.


  1. I remember swim lessons, especially for my oldest. He absolutely hated swim lessons. We had to peel him off the chain link fence. I took a picture of him going down the slide with this horrified look on his face. He now uses that picture for his profile picture on Facebook.

  2. This looks like so much fun for her! She'll always remember it too, if not, there's always Mommy's pictures! She looks adorable in her little ballet outfit too. Tell little brother I feel for him. Poor tyke. His turn will come!

  3. Great pictures!
    I never went to swimming school. My mother stood at the beach shouting and showing how I should do to swim :-) I didn´t drown and I´m still here today so it worked somehow :-) :-)


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