Good Friday: The Way of the Cross

The Triduum:  Good Friday

"There is no path to happiness in this life unless you can make sense of suffering, and Christianity is the only religion or philosophy that understands the transformative value of suffering. While the whole world is doing everything it can to avoid and drown out their pain and suffering, we are reminded each Sunday at Mass that our pain and suffering have tremendous value when united to the pain and suffering of Jesus on the Cross.

Separated from Jesus, our pain and suffering become meaningless, and that is why life is so depressing for so many in a world that has rejected God and the idea that suffering has value. Willing sacrifice out of love is a path most people have never tried. And it is a path that is essential if we are going to find our way back to thriving in this world."

Taken From:  Dynamic Catholic

Good Friday.  It sounds like a misnomer, but in actuality it is the perfect descriptor for what Christ did for us on the most sorrowful day of the Church liturgical year.  As humans, we struggle to understand the depth of love God has for us...that he would sacrifice His only Son for our transgressions.  

Jesus modeled for us what forgiveness should look like. He showed us how even when people disappoint us, or worse, harm us, we forgive so that hatred and bitterness doesn't take root in our hearts. Good Friday truly saved us from ourselves.

Forgiveness. I'm not quite there yet.  

In fact, I've spent countless hours discussing this very issue with our grief therapist. HIs suggestion, which has been most helpful, has been to substitute the word "acceptance" for forgiveness with our betrayer.  Funny, because the above quote says forgiveness is NOT about accepting or excusing behavior, BUT for us (my children and me) "acceptance" is fitting and helpful in processing the wrongs that were done to us. 

For us, "acceptance" allows us to take what was done at face value and not try to dig deeper for understanding.  In our situation, there is no logical understanding.  It is nonsensical at best and damaging to our self-worth at its worst. By just accepting the facts of the situation without understanding, we free ourselves from the shame and guilt of being so easily manipulated.  

So this is where I am in my healing journey.  I have completely accepted who/what my betrayer did to me and my children.  I am forgiving myself for the mistakes that I made.  I am learning, internalizing, growing, changing, but most of all "accepting" the plan that God has for my life.  

And that my friends has made all of the difference!   

For Good Friday's music selection, listen here.

"Heaven's Eyes" by Jillian Edwards

Speak over me,

Tell me again

That I'm someone you Love,

Let it sink in,

Tell me a million times,

who I am in Heaven's Eyes

So, I'm letting go of all other names, (dumb, stupid, naive, trusting, too kind, doormat, etc.)

that I gave myself

When I heard you say,

Come and find yourself 

in Heaven's Eyes.

In Christ, 



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