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Photography Class Portrait Practice

Can y'all believe that's my little toddler?!?!  He was just 18-months old when I first started blogging.  Today he is 17 years old.  Six months shy of turning 18...and soon becoming a SENIOR in high school!  I'm not ready!!!!  

Photography Class Portrait Practice

Benjamin is such an amazing kid.  My "middle child" that often gets lost in the shuffle of his "super star" older sister and "baller" younger brother who is involved in just about every sport locally available to him!  :)

But Benjamin has his own bragging rights!  He is a young man of character.  He is dedicated to his part-time job.  He steps it up in school work when he starts to slip and I have to remind him that school IS his job.  *smile*  He keeps my car gassed up, washed, and vacuumed.  He fixes things around the house when needed.  He worries about things that no child should ever be tasked with worrying about.  

He is passionate about entering the fire service and hopes to get an entry-level job in public safety while attending community college.

And he looks so much like his dad.  *heartbroken*

Benjamin off to Support the Olathe Fire Department Awards Ceremony

And as if being a middle child isn't bad enough...his working-outside-the-home-mom DROPPED THE BALL and missed the Junior Class Awards Ceremony this week where he was honored with a Public Safety Award.  DANG IT!

He texted me at work to let me know we missed it...he did too!  
*oh boy*

When I got home from work last night he handed me his certificate which had red marker swiped across it reading:


I started laughing because I knew there was no way an educator would do that to a kid.  LOL

Benjamin, I know you don't read here, but I hope you know that I am so very proud of you!  You are growing into such an honorable young man.  I know your dad is looking down on you and so very proud of all that you have achieved since his passing.  

Next year is YOUR YEAR!  SENIOR Year...here we come!


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