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A Life Well Lived

Recently, my brother lost his father-in-law.  *sad* Don and Mary were just such a beautiful example of married love.  Not perfect marriage, but beautiful marriage.   I enjoyed every opportunity to spend time with this sweet couple, especially at Thanksgiving.  My sister-in-law would host a feast big enough for multiple families to attend, and we all enjoyed each other's company. Times have changed.  Our littles have nearly all grown up, with mine being the youngest, and most having grown and flown with littles of their own.  Don drove a big 18-wheeler...for Walmart.  He did cross-country trips and often took my nephews with him.  In addition, Don and Mary are Mormon and often hosted young men doing their missionary experience.  They were truly the sweetest example of Jesus' call to "love one another".  Even when their daughter, my SIL, converted to Catholicism, they were at her Easter Day celebration providing her with her very own Catholic bible or maybe ros

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