Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Puppy Love

Happy Summer Break!

While I know it's not officially summer on the calendar...and it certainly doesn't feel like summer here in Kansas City...we are all out of school (mama included) and enjoying lazy days and late nights...movie nights and day camps...bike riding and...PUPPY WALKING!!!

For our official summer kickoff, we adopted a new puppy!

Last October, right before Halloween, our beloved dog Burton escaped through an open door.  Always a runner, he dashed across the street toward our neighbor's home only to be hit by an oncoming pick-up truck.  And no...they never stopped.  *tears*

The loss of Burton affected us all, and although well-meaning family and friends recommended getting our children a new dog STAT, Chris and I felt it was in the best-interest of our family to delay getting another dog.  We knew that our children needed time to work through the grieving process (and honestly, they still are...) and I needed to be off from work and home all day to help with the potty-training process of a new pup.

As you can see from the pictures, Murray, has already brought so much joy and happiness to our children.  (Especially Benjamin who seemed to struggle the most with the grief process.)

Since we adopted Murray from our local SPCA shelter, we really aren't sure what his mix of breed.  Darling daughter has been pouring through tons of online animal pics and we think he might be a mix between Rat Terrier and Springer Spaniel.  He's not quite three months old and is full of mischief!  His brother "Bill" was also cute, but was already adopted.

And yes...the SPCA volunteers really did name the two brothers "Bill Murray".  LOL

Murray hates to be alone at night...although that seems to be getting better.  Of course, my kiddos didn't want Murray to "suffer" so they volunteered sleeping in shifts.  *smile*

Mary Catherine Sleeping in Front of Murray's Cage

Luke Keeping Mary Company

So that's a quick recap of our official Summer Kick-Off!  I have a ton of End of Year (EOY) school pictures to post, and with lots of "free time" *smile* I will probably post a couple of times a day.



  1. Hi Stranger!!!!

    It is good to see you.
    I am caught up on your posts, didn't realize you were
    back at the posting fun.

    The kids are still so cute but BOY have they grown, love all the pic.

    Your new addition is adorable. Sorry to hear about Burton.

    I am sure you are looking forward to the summer!

    Come by soon.

    M :)

    1. M,

      Let's get together (soon!) for lunch. I love having the freedom of being able to get away for a bit now that the kids have grown up so much. I will definitely be by for a visit...I wondered if you were still blogging. This past school year was a big change for me...returning to work full-time, but by 4th Quarter I seemed to find my "teaching" feet! LOL


    2. Yes, yes let's get together!!!


  2. What a cute puppy. I'm so glad your kids have some 'happy' after such a loss with your other dog. How hard that must have been.
    Happy summer!

  3. Ha ha! I think he is going to be WELL taken care of!

    (And I am sorry to hear about the loss of your other dog.)

  4. Awe what an adorable puppy! Glad it found such a good home ;)


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