Monday, September 2, 2013

The Boys of Summer...

Nobody on the road, 
nobody on the beach. 
I feel it in the air, 
summer's out of reach. 
~ Don Henley ~
The Boys of Summer

Did you enjoy your Labor Day Weekend?

Were you able to get in one last hurrah celebrating all that is good about summer?

We sure enjoyed a relaxing 3-day weekend around our house.

So to celebrate the end of summer, I put together a couple of picture collages featuring the highlights of each month.  

Thanks for indulging me!

Picture collage from Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

1.  Benjamin's First T-Ball Game
2.  Luke Alexander's First Trip to the Barber
3.  Mary Catherine's First Pedicure 
4.  Mary Catherine Plays Catcher
5.  Benjamin & Luke at their First Fishing Derby
6.  Kueter Kids Clean Up for Wedding of Past Babysitter
7.  Mary and Ben Create Holy Spirit Wind Chimes at Holy Family Catholic Church VBS
8  Mary Catherine:  First Day at the Pool
9.  Luke explores the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist through Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

1.  Let's Go To The Movies:  Monster U
2.  Mary Catherine Buys Her Own American Girl Doll:  Saige
3.  End of Benjamin's T-Ball Season
4.  Country Boys and Girls Havin' Fun on the Farm
5.  Sharp Shooter
6.  Luke on Daytona Beach
7.  Benjamin Finds a Fellow Mizzou Fan in Florida
8.  Mommy and her Boys, Port St. Lucie, FL
9.  Enjoying Frozen Yogurt

1.  Beautiful Butterfly made of LEGO at Powell Gardens
2.  Cousins in the Fruit Orchard  at Powell Gardens
3. Mary Catherine eats her way through the Tutti Frutti Maze of Powell Gardens
4.  Summer Birthday Kids (Cousin Pic)
5.  Mommy Returns to Work...Resource Room Teacher at St. Paul Catholic School
6.  It's FINE to be NINE
7.  Ben's First Visit to the ER...OUCH!
8.  Last Hurrah at the Pool
9.  Kueter Kids on Parade (72 Nova Vintage Car Show, Tiblow Days)

We had such a fun summer.  And I have so many more pics of the great memories we made.  So grateful for the digital camera!!!

For many it's back to work...but the kids and I enjoy one last day of fun!
(Regular Classroom Teachers have Faith Formation In-Service Tomorrow)

Looking forward to cleaning out closets and drawers in preparation for cooler days.
95 degrees predicted for next weekend...BOO!!!

Oh...and for all the ladies born in 1969...this one's for you!!!  Aaaah, sweet summer!!!!

Don Henley - Boys Of Summer by jpdc11


  1. Looks like a fun filled summer (well, maybe not that ER trip!). Love all the pics, and the Big 80's music, of course.

  2. Oh that song took me right back, Val!

    Love your pictures...what a great way to remember the summer of 2013.

    Have a great week, my friend!

  3. I'm SO remember movin and grovin to that song and video. That's when MTV was safe to watch. Hard to believe it was once safe! Loved your pics. I agree with Kathleen...all fun but the ER.

  4. Oh, I'm trying to catch up on bloggies a little at a time!!

    I love that song. Reminds me of the summer we moved after 10th grade, from Minnesota to California...this song was times...

    Love your picture collages, fun times too!!

  5. Hi Valerie, love all your family pictures. You've have a good summer. And I see you're back to work. How's that going? I started working back in May and my hours have increased to 30 per week. It's good but busy. Blessings to you and your family.


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